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We are a company that simply connect things

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We Just Make the Professional Social Interaction Happen

Neyius, as a social working tool. Designed and developed to make work interactions easier and fun. 

We are happy to be the workflow video-chat system used exclusively in New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. 

Neyius is only available for Enterprise accounts. 

Please send feedback to your company, and tell them to Join Neyius.

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We Just Make Social Interaction Happen

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Neyius Connections

neyius interface


Join and interact with your work community. simultaneously work and chat.


Back-up and message team members both on and offline


Easily purchase, add comment, and tips on all uniforms and tools needed for the job.


Leave the job, sell the tools and uniforms.

Job Search

Recommend, schedule, and interview live for your next job. Projects stay on your profile for realtime references.


Document your journey, list your experiences for those interested in your industry and along your career journey

At NEYIUS, we are one of of many® 

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Our Company

The NEYIUS Brand comprises cross-national entities that build technologies and businesses to help people connect, strengthen communities, and grow businesses. When VENBEYCAP was launched, it changed our perspective on business and entrepreneurship. We acquired more companies such as Global Incentives Manufacturing (GIM), Call Wizards (formerly Calling Systems Worldwide), a software empowering call centers to assist and communicate with customers. Additionally, we obtained Host Rite, further empowering businesses worldwide. The late ’00s acquisition of ‘CellCom’ and The Odyssey Channel, followed by their subsequent sale, strengthened our determination and enabled us to dream bigger.

Through the divestment of our stock positions, land holdings, and majority stakes in companies globally, Venture Beyond Capital and VENBEYCAP have transformed into NEYIUS. At NEYIUS, we maintain the same spirit of philanthropy and dedication to community empowerment. Our journey, newfound liquidity, and partnerships with banks and investment firms like Runa, Addventure, and Lloyds fortify us.

We have restructured our assets, dividing our brand into four subsidiaries. The Neyius Group holds all our former companies, land holdings, and stock positions. Neyius Media, formerly known as ‘Odyssey Commercials’, encompasses the commercial and television production division of The Odyssey Channel, which we retained after the sale to Eros. Neyius Capital operates as a venture capital firm specializing in seed funding. Neyius Advisors combines Courtney Jordan & Associates with our acquisition of McPherson, Kennedy & Associates (MKANDS) to form our PR, Consulting, and Management Wing. Lastly, our newest subsidiaries, Neyius Energy and Neyius Developers, represent our latest ventures.


Courtney Jordan

Executive Chairmen

heather montgomery-neyius

Heather Montgomery

Chief Executive Officer

mandee woodard-neyius

Mandee Woodard

Executive Vice President
Business Affairs

allister henry smythe-neyius

A. Henry Smythe II

Executive Vice President

mackenzie robinson-neyius

Mackenzie Robinson

Executive Vice President
Philanthropy & Corporate Citizenship

Margarida Sanchez

Executive Vice President
Office of the Chairmen


Dillon Brooks

The Neyius Group

Blaine Ivanov-neyius

A. Blaine Ivanov

Neyius Capital

neyius-Vasilisa Novozhilov

Vasilisa Novozhilov

Neyius Energy

Caitlyn Moore

Neyius Advisors

Gavin Emigh

Neyius Developers