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Frequently Asked Questions

neyius Overview

The NEYIUS Brand is comprised of cross national entities that builds technologies and businesses that help people connect, strengthen communities, and grow businesses


Neyius connections is a social media project management, career development and interpersonal application. Used by governments and large corporations. Some of our biggest users, are the governments of Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.

Neyius is not free to use nor do we offer free limited use accounts.

No, school systems are perfect candidates for the NEYIUS +

Yes, whether or not you have changed positions, company each person will still be able to access their account. (recommend your new company sign up😉)


Getting Started

Simply click the link and follow the sign up instructions provided by your company’s or organization’s web manager.

Click edit in the upper right hand corner under the about me drop down menu

At this time neyius is only available to enterprise or government accounts.