Venture Beyond Capital (VENBEYCAP) to become NEYIUS

Today at a Company-Wide Address 2021, Executive Chairmen Courtney Jordan introduced Neyius, which brings together our investments, companies, and technologies under one new company brand. Neyius’s primary focus will be to bring the Neyius Social to life and help professionals connect, find communities, and grow businesses. Additionally, Neyius will serve as parent and governance to Neyius Energy.

Neyius, as a social working tool, is designed to make work interactions easier and fun. We are happy to be the workflow video-chat system used exclusively in New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. 

For the foreseeable future, NEYIUS will only be available for Enterprise or Government accounts. 

With a $600-million investment, Our commitment to clean and accessible energy is another realized mission of Neyius, it is through neyius energy, we are accomplishing the dream of affordable and accessible clean energy to communities who could benefit from cost-saving and basic necessities. 

Though our mission is changing as a management change, our advisory and venture capital firm will now become subsidiaries of Neyius.

Our corporate structure is slightly changing. With the sale of The Odyssey Channel, Dillon Brooks will now become CEO of the Neyius Subsidiary, The Neyius Group. The Neyius Group is now the owner of all of our land and corporate holdings, we have retained. Additionally, our financial reporting will change, Starting with our results for the fourth quarter of 2021, we plan to report on two operating segments: New Ventures and Legacy. 

Neyius builds technologies that help professionals interact, and is parent to a diverse group of industry-leading companies across the world. 

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